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Dr. Fitness leads you to have a Healthy weight, Slim body, Pain free body, Glowing skin & Shining hair,Alert & Calm Mind.
More deep inside body it is Good Digestive system, Balanced harmonal systems leads to strong immune system making you your Fitest version.

Excess weight, especially obesity, diminishes almost every aspect of health, from reproductive and respiratory function to memory and mood. Obesity increases the risk of several debilitating, and deadly lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.
At Dr. Fitness Healthcare we understand the excess fat in body don't allow one to cut down calories neither to do heavy exercise ,so we came up with Passive Gym and Advance machine therapies scientifically approved with proven results.The fat is stored in adipose tissuse which later becomes cellulite since it's dead we need to penertrate deep and break it that's what is done with ultrasound wave, Radiofrequency and lipo laser.With holistic approach mindset we do blend this treatment with Naturopathy, Herbal supplement, Yoga and Accupuncture”

Exclusive Services


Weight Management
- Weight Loss - Weight Gain - Diet Plan - Slim at home
Inch Loss / Skin Tightening
- Lipo & RF - Tummy - Sides - Back - Arms - Thighs - Breast
Hormonal Imbalance
- PCOD - Thyroid - Menopause - Infertility
Respiratory Ailments
- Asthma - Sinusitis - Bronchitis
Lifestyle Diseases
- Hypertension - High Cholestrol - Heart - Diabetes
Digestive Ailments
- Acidity - Constipation - Irritable Bowel - Piles
Diet and Health Counselling
- For Weight Loss/Gain - For Diabetes - High/Low BP - Hormonal Imbalance (PCOD) - Cardiac & Respiratory Aliments
Naturopathy Treatments
- Naturopathy Treatments - Naturopathy Treatments - Naturopathy Treatments - Sinusitis - Numbness in Hands & Legs
- Acupressure - Acupuncture - Guasha - Reflexo therapy - Heat therapy - Moxibustion - Limb Compression Therapy
Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

- Anti-Tanning - Skin Glow - Face Lifting - Skin Tightening - Double Chin

Hair Treatments

- Anti-Hairfall - Anti-Dandruff - Hair Growth


Weight Loss / Gain Treatment

- Customized diet plan - EME Sessions - Ultrasound Lipolysis - Laser Lipo - Excercises - Acupressure and Acupuncture

Inch Loss and Body Shaping Treatment

- Ultrasound Lipolysis (Tummy, Sides, Arms, Thighs, Back & B-Line) - Laser Lipo - Rf

Body Massages
- Full Body Regular Oil Massage - Full Body Cream Massage - Full Body Aroma Body Lotion Massage - Full Body Dry Powder Massage - Deep Tissues Friction Massage - Body Polishing Manual

Know Dr. Fitness


Dr. Fitness understands ideal weight, healthy body parameters, health and fitness cannot be achieved only from external efforts, it takes your belief system to accept the methodology and cooperate with the treatment. Thus Dr. Fitness Healthcare started with a vision of making a paradigm shift in the way health & wellness is address currently by the existing players, brands & corporate houses.
At Dr. Fitness in Discovery Session (body parameters like- Height/Weight, BMI, BMR, Fat%, Nutritional Assessment, Flexibility, Prakruti Identification, Biochemical Parameters and Advanced Diagnostic Methods are also advised on requirement) you get opportunity to know about yourself and understand facts and fundamentals of health and wellbeing. Based on Holistic Approach (Considering the person as a whole and focus on Mind –Body Synchronization with their spirit into it. That’s what will lead to optimum health and wellbeing.) and scientific temper a customized package is designed. Dr. Fitness is wellness hub where we create awareness for healthy civilization.

Our Vision


Sad but true, today there is immense fear among people, within society regarding certain diseases which is curable and reversible. So we have also made it our prime objective to educate them and lead them to the recovery path. Educate and motivate our clients to practice self-management for optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. Making non-invasive, drug-less, and natural healing techniques of Diet, Naturopathy, and Yoga accessible to all.


Our Mission


Popularize holistic approach with a scientific temper to incorporate principles of naturopathy and yoga therapies and healing modalities designed to release pain and grief and awaken inborn-healing potentials that lie dormant within us and have yet to be fully explored, understood and embraced by society at large.


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    At Dr. Fitness Healthcare we believe, “Health & Wellbeing are not things merely to be regained when lost, but rather gifts to be maintained with all of our power on regular and consistent basis.”

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