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Our Methodology

Proper Thinking

"Proper preparation is key to success. Our acts can be no wiser than our thoughts. Our thinking can be no wiser than our understanding."

Proper Diet

We not only teach what to eat but also why to eat, when to eat, where to eat, and how to eat.

Proper Breathing

Breathing has various health benefits. It supercharges your mind and body. It’s worth to learn practice proper breathing.

Proper Excercize

Doing exercise is good. We help you to select proper exercise the one that is needed to you according to your mind,
body and health condition. It is the key component to achieve the better health and wellbeing.

Proper Rest

Good sleep plays vital role in healing and well -being. Proper rest at right times can help to protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety.

Our Philosophy


Health awareness is essential for everybody. Unless one enjoys good health, one can neither contribute nor derive maximum from what life has to offer. Once we understand things we start looking beyond it.

Biochemical, psycho-neurophysiological, immunological researchers are all recognizing the role of mind, the lifestyle, suppressed emotions, stress, and diet in the causation of many of health challenges of the third millennium. Hence Diet, exercise, adequate rest and relaxation, and a good mental attitude are the four basic foundations of achieving and maintaining good health.

Even at home the elementary ethics are replaced with the electronic lifestyle in result producing bad eating habits, consumption of preserved and fast food versus natural availability confused attitude, disturbed sleep, internet addiction, dependency in one or the other form, physically inactive, ultimately developing obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and the list is endless. Even though each one of us is aware of the above fact still are the victims of the disease inviting lifestyle, ‘MODERN LIFESTYLE’- the ignorance leading us to pathetic health status.

Dr. Fitness leads you to have Clear mind, Open heart and Vibrant health to achieve Inner peace.

About Founder

diet for health

Aarti Y. Vyas

Mrs. Aarti Y. Vyas, founder of Dr. Fitness Healthcare holds Masters in Biochemistry. She started her career as lecture of biochemistry for graduate and post graduate. Before having her own unit she has worked as yoga instructor, wellness & lifestyle consultant, and centre head.

After masters she did Diploma in Food & Nutrition for Healthcare. Later after two years did PGD in PPHC (Preventive & Promotive Healthcare) from Apollo Hospitals Educational & Research Foundation, Hyderabad.

She Started Dr. Fitness Slimming centre, during it she sensed an increasing need for healing pain and other ailments, she did Diploma in Naturopathy, Yoga and Acupuncture, MSBTE. Added naturopathy and alternative therapies for various ailments and good health.

Recently she became a Certified Diabetic Educator, Indo-Vietnam Medical Board. Thus keeps learning the advance to serve the best in healthcare

My words

My academic qualification always gave me faith that we are born with immense power of healing within. We can master our mind, body and achieve the desired goals.

I always wonder that man is the only animal who enjoys doing things which harms him. Lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activities, obesity, high fat diet, stress and tension, alcohol and smoking innocently manifest themselves as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and other ailments.  We have the power- knowledge and the means- not only to maintain the proper functioning of our body. But also to prevent many types of malfunctioning and diseases before it occurs. Everyone desires good health and it is the ultimate objective of all those who wants happiness in life.

Health is so often matter of creative habit. We must teach ourselves to lead the life that make us healthy, happy and satisfied with perfection. Discovering that we have choices and what we can do to help ourselves should be our primary objective (self-management).

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    At Dr. Fitness Healthcare we believe, “Health & Wellbeing are not things merely to be regained when lost, but rather gifts to be maintained with all of our power on regular and consistent basis.”

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